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The Supaflow Plumbing Hydronics team have a passion for providing Melbourne and the Bass Coast and South Gippsland regions of Victoria with the best customer service and hydronic heating expertise possible. We have become a trusted name to a huge database of clients, offering customers reliability, punctuality and a high quality service with excellent workmanship – which ensures continual repeat business and an on-flow of recommendations..

A few reasons why you should consider Hydronic Heating for your new or existing home;

Hydronic heating is the most efficient and pleasant way to heat your home. It operates by re-circulating hot water, heated by a natural gas, LPG, or solid fuel fired boiler. No other heating system can deliver the gentle, hygienic warmth of hydronics.

Hydronic heating provides warmth in the same way nature does by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air by burning or cause unpleasant draughts, hot spots or noise.

Efficiency – Save on your energy bills
Hydronic heating is the one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Hydrotherm install the most cutting edge boilers on the market ranging from 80% – 95% efficiency.
Supaflow Hydronics use suppliers that offer a wide range of specialist energy-efficient boilers and products. The condensing boilers have extremely low NOx and CO2 emissions and have constant temperature monitoring for highest possible operating efficiency.

No Dust – No allergies
Dust and allergens are a big drawback with ducted heating systems, hydronic heating works on natural radiant heat and convection where there is no forced air circulation, meaning no dust and no allergies.

Safe to touch
All radiator panels are safe to touch with mild temperatures of water, safe for children, the elderly and household pets.

One characteristic of Hydronic Heating that is a clear advantage over many other forms of heating is the fact that it is silent. No noisy space heaters or wall heaters with the constant blowing of air, hydronic heating heats your home in peace and quiet.

Hydronic Heating is effortless and reliable; simply set the thermostat upon installation and forget about it. Maintenance is seldom required; the only working parts are the hot water boiler and the pump kit. High quality manufacturing with long term warranties ensure your system will provide reliable heat for many years to come.

  • We are committed to finding the best solutions for our customers whether it is a new home or existing home.
  • We are reliable, efficient and professional which is why a huge percentage of our client-base is repeat business or word-of-mouth!
  • We are progressive and take pride in using use the most sophisticated equipment available
  • We are committed to operating under Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems

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